So I straight piped my gf's car since the cat was clogged. She likes driving it without the muffler. Lol

Not ready for work. These days are getting long.

TL;DR my girlfriend's locked up (false charges but detained nevertheless) and I have to schedule visits with her online just to see and visit with her., your VoIP services are shitty and quality control is lacking. 20 minutes of nothing to the time apart with the person I want to see and hear from. It would have been easier to sneak a laptop in the jail and run a WebRTC video feed than pay for your crappy service.

Got my xmpp server and blog up. Working on my online identity again.

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Me: "I have several hours I have to spend in a waiting room, I could work on my new D&D character background!"

My document after 3 1/2 hours:

I had to delete a status because looking at it made me sad.

Really missing you. Tired of these lonely nights. 😭

Taking my girlfriend's oldest daughter to watch Detective Pikachu, pray for me...

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Well another lonley day without mi amor. Something's gotta give. I really need something to cheer me up...

I swear the worst things happen during the best time in my life.

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