Two more weeks of sitting. I'm glad when this is over.

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oh god the teens are gonna rediscover nu metal

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Another day another $100 in twenty minutes, I really wich I could get a job at a shop and make some real money and stack hours up.

So it's time to start looking for jobs. I'm so tired of Walmart.

So I'm temporarily fucked on doing auto repair at the moment. I lost access to ProDemand to lookup labor rates and need an alternative. ALLDATA is super expensive tho.

I'm not even gona update. Just going to install gentoo *cough* arch *cough* @kitty

I find it funny that I have a tablet pc with 32gb with windows preinstalled but 10 requires 64gb (or something higher than 32gb) which means it was incompatible from the start. lel

"It won't start, it's vapor locked." Sorry excuse because you're a sorry mechanic.

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maybe we should just ship the internal level editor with the pc versions. fuck it. just activate it with a cheat code and hand it out or something.

Another wonderful day off where I got /nothing/ done. Hip-hooray.

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Saw my ex today. The first time she hasn't tried to make idle conversation with me. She prolly got the hint.

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Also, I feel like running a mumble sever but I don't know now how I feel about email certificates.

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