Had to rewrap my injury since the nurse put so much pressure on it. My index finger and bird finger are wrapped together so I get to type with a mega finger on one hand. Lol

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Hand hurts. Very tired. Much sleepy. Night fedi.

Cut the shit out of my hand. Bleeding on everything at work making the place look like a crime scene. 😩

@kitty So I'm behind a vpn and PDAnet to hide that fact I'm using my phone as a hotspot. Cricket got wise to my data usage.

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Walmart's staffing plan sucks donkey. It's only 4 guys today with a shop of probably 65 cars today. Most dealerships have 5 guys and are only open for 8 hours.

Time for bed. Much work tomorrow. Night fedi.

I also like how my boss gives me 7 days of work in a row. Is there a break somewhere in there?

Currently hiding behind a vpn and tether hide so my carrier doesn't bitch about me using my phone as a hotspot.

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So I spend the remainer of the evening after I clock out to squat on the wifi at work.

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Cool gay date ideas:
Spray leftist graffiti
Go for a nice walk in the park
Commit ecoterrorism

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advantages of linux: literally unable to run fortnite

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