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Kids in bed, dishes washed. So tired I don't even feel like eating.

@dbdii407 in the backwoods with hardly any service. I get a data connection 15% of the time.

I fucking hate living out here. I'll be so glad when I get back to the city.

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We are anomalus
we are lesion
we never forgivee
we never forgetee
expecto patronum

@dbdii407 man I don't have time anymore. All I do is work and go home. We live so far away from my favorite Mexican restaurant that it's almost impossible for an opportunity like this.

Throwback when I was single. This is the first chance in a long time I'm able to get a drink and eat Mexican like I used to do before I got together with my girlfriend and her kids. Margarita is much needed in my life.

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"This stress ball is leaky."
"That's... an orange!"

@dbdii407 also, all the kids got sick when she left, so there's that.

Two more weeks of sitting. I'm glad when this is over.

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oh god the teens are gonna rediscover nu metal

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