Totally bought this yesterday because it was so hot outside but I still wanted a coffee.

Also, here's hoping I can get my foot in the door at a vehicle teardown shop tomorrow.

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my proxy is behind a vpn you can't hack me!!!!!!

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My sister told me that I'm so ugly, that I am cute. Words to think on.

I need a Kickstarter for my personal business. "Hey there's this weird boy from the south who wants money to startup his auto repair shop."

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everyone praises the mario brothers, but what about the mario fathers?

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clicked an image link from 2009 expecting it to 404 but wow nope

@Ashton I'm just doing Arch on mine when I get setup.

Still tuning the cell booster. I have a low but stable 4g connection.

My fucking cell booster doesn't know whether to boost a little or a lot given my signal bars. I have connection to say the least so I'm not really bitching. Needs tuning.

@amic I have mine pierced. I wear big cheap diamonds.

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